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I'm a generalist software engineer with 7 years of experience. Always searching for ways to widen and deepen my professional domain, as learning brings joy to me.

I want to help to create a product (let it be a physical, digital one or even a game) that would bring usefulness to this world or at least some fun.

I'm initiative, honest and direct (as many Russians). If something seems off to me, I would directly speak about that and try to solve it of find a compromise.

Lately I'm eager to apply my skills in new parts of the industry, even if it means becoming a junior again: AI (image recognition, working with texts, models development), game development, financial sector (HFT, blockchain, banking).

Skill set:

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer at Spinitron Mar 2015 - present

  • Rewrote 13 years old software serving 300+ radio stations from scratch, with clean, structured and maintainable code
  • Worked on the core service component: music autocomplete – using external databases from Apple Music and Musicbrainz, making it quick, robust and consistent
  • Developed new features from a concept to a fully functional front- and back-end code
  • Implemented various integrations with 3rd-party services
  • Created public REST API’s used by many clients for integrations
  • Automated the deployment of development and production environments

Software Engineer at Apr 2013 - Feb 2015

  • Worked on building the fundamentals, deployment and testing infrastructure
  • Wrote code providing tight integration, RSVP’s and events sync with Facebook, ResidentAdviser, Overture
  • Created queue-based daemons for multiple tasks

Fullstack Developer at Medvedev Marketing Apr 2012 - Feb 2013


Bachelor of Applied Informatik at HTW Berlin Mar 2015 - Jul 2019


Things of Common side project Jul 2016 - present

  • Created a curated by bloggers map of places of multiple categories in different cities
  • Generated custom vector map tiles to make them accessible offline as a PWA

Languages: English (fluent), German (semi-fluent), Russian (native)

Interests: making music, reading*, photography, Yo-Yo, video games, gardening

*I keep these IT-related books on my table: